Stay home, stay safe Mzansi! urges Nando's CFO Simon Adams


Nando's closes stores during Covid-19 lockdown, staff fully compensated during this time.

To comply with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s 21-day lockdown directive, Nando’s has shut all its restaurants to trade from midnight 26 March until 17 April. 

CFO Simon Adams says:

“Covid-19 has had a substantial impact on our business as it has many organisations around the world.” 

He adds that all the staff from Nando’s company-owned-and-operated stores have been fully compensated during this period. The restaurant owner urged its franchisee partners to do likewise. 

“We are working tirelessly with our suppliers and staff during this lockdown period to mitigate as many financial and personal risks as possible,” Simon says. “Our people are, and always will be, our number one priority.” 

In a statement, Nando’s urged the public to keep the “fire” alive in other ways and to be compassionate. It also advised its customers to not spread fake news, wash their hands, stop panic buying and respect the rule of law. 

The statement read: 

“We’re in this together and we will make it out the other side stronger than we’ve ever been. If there’s one thing this country knows, it’s hot to come together, even if we have to stay apart.” 

On a positive note, the statement reminded the public to enjoy the sun and to remember that things will get back to normal. 

“Stay home, stay safe Mzansi!” Simon concluded.

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