Technology, part of the CFO’s DNA, says Dumisani Dlamini


Dumisani says that technology has become an integral part of his role as the CFO of SANParks.

As we enter the new year, CFOs are gearing up to make 2021 better than 2020 using the latest technology.

SANParks CFO Dumisani Dlamini says that technology has become an integral part of the way we do business in this day and age. “I can’t imagine any field that wouldn’t require technology. It has become a life and blood of any financial professional and part of the DNA of every CFO.”

He explains that, at SANParks, the finance team is using technology in asset management to create solutions for almost every challenge they face, including electronic verification of assets and asset transfers. They also use technology in the automation of their supply chain management processes, including procurement requisition in remote areas.

Dumisani uses mobile technology to organise both his personal and work life. “You can synchronise both your personal and work calendar to ensure that you can make decisions about commitments without having to sit in front of your computer to check your availability.”

His favourite app at the moment is Google itself. “Getting information instantly, all the time, is the way of life,” Dumisani says. “It has become a central information repository in a sense that one can verify whether information is reliable, like statistics, global trends, checking the weather or the distance to plan a trip.

He explains that Google is useful because it pulls information from different sources into one platform, conveniently. “It’s great for advice most of the time.”


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