Women's Dinner brings out 'Brave and Bold' women leaders

The third annual Women's Dinner is set to create opportunities and inspire women leaders this August.

On 1 August 2018, CFO and CHRO South Africa will be hosting an exclusive Women’s Dinner at the Inanda Club, to give women executives the opportunity to share knowledge, expand their networks and boost their careers. The insightful and enlightening discussions will be paired with excellent cuisine in an intimate setting. 

This year, the special guests will include Christine Ramon (CFO, Anglogold Ashanti, and CFO of the Year 2018), and Tantaswa Fubu (Group Executive: Human Capital, Internal Audit and Corporate Affairs, Barloworld).

This is the third year that the dinner will be held, and the third year that Inge Walters, founder of Eve Learning, will facilitate the event.

“The first event at the Saxon was more intimate, with a lot of energy and passion about the topic of advancing women in leadership. Last year, we had a bigger group and we asked the CFOs to invite their mentees along, and it was wonderful to see not just the desire to give back, but the energy to engage around the topic of barriers for women in the workplace. This year, we are hoping to have even more engagement, growing our community and enjoying the participation of our CHRO guests and their mentees as well. The theme is ‘Brave and Bold’, and we are looking forward to seeing more of women initiating opportunities for each other,” says Inge. 

All CFO and CHRO women are invited to bring their mentees to this community-building event, to share in the association and inspiration. 

Graham Fehrsen, MD of CFO South Africa says: 

“We know that organisations that promote women leaders and offer greater exposure for women in management roles consistently outperform those that   don’t. Why then, do we still see a dearth of women in leadership roles across our   businesses. With our Women’s Dinner, we try to shine a light on what we should be doing to inspire greatness and ensure that women take their rightful places in positions of leadership.” 

If you would like to attend the dinner, please get in touch with Graham Fehrsen or CHRO community manager Maud Meijvis