CFO Alvin Liew resigns from Monash South Africa


Alvin Liew has announced his resignation as CFO of Monash South Africa, with effect from August this year.

Alvin Liew has resigned as CFO of Monash South Africa, with effect from August this year.

Alvin reflects on his time at Monash and Laureate:

“It has been an enriching, fulfilling experience working in Laureate South Africa and Monash South Africa. I feel I’ve grown immensely as a global finance professional working across such a diverse group of highly talented individuals and working towards realising the potential of Africa in the form of providing access to high quality education for Africans in Africa.” 

He say that supporting causes that deliver high quality education in emerging markets has become a personally advocacy of his, and that the exposure to the high-growth, fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape in sub-Saharan Africa was an “eye opener”. 

“Being able to navigate through such conditions as a foreign investor is a highly valuable experience.” 

He will be leaving Monash South Africa to fill the role of regional Head of Finance in a global organisation that “has exciting growth plans in the East Asian region”. 

“I am looking forward to working in a ‘start up’ environment once more and being part of the leadership team that aims to expand rapidly across the East Asian region for the global organization. The experience gained from working in emerging markets such as Vietnam, India and South Africa would be useful in my new role as we look to invest significantly in joint ventures, acquisitions of new assets in the East Asia region.”

Alvin has been in South Africa for close to five years, three of which his wife have spent with him here, and will be moving back to Singapore. He says that there is a sense of sadness and loss over the decision to leave: 

“We’ve been fortunate in our careers to have lived and worked abroad but we find great affinity, attachment to South Africa in many ways. The people, food, wine and the weather are high up there in things we would dearly miss when we move to Singapore. I will be maintaining the ties I’ve established with Monash South Africa, CFO South Africa and the other NGOs I’ve worked in the past to keep the networking, mentorship, entrepreneur development support alive post leaving the country.” 

Monash South Africa is in the process of identifying a successor prior to Alvin’s leaving the organisation. 

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