Fikile Mhlontlo serving as Concor acting Group CFO


Concor recently appointed their Senior Executive in the Group Executive Committee, Fikile Mhlontlo, as the acting Group CFO.

Fikile joined Concor Construction in January 2018 and was appointed as a senior executive supporting the Group CEO’s Office. He was responsible for assisting in overseeing risk management, supporting in bid governance processes, working hand in hand with the then CFO in addressing funding of the business, supporting certain strategic acquisition initiatives and other commercial related matters. 

In April 2018 he was appointed as Acting Group Chief Financial Officer responsible for supporting the strategy, business development initiatives, monitoring financial performance, financial reporting, business financing, maintaining relationships with certain stakeholders - including banks and other funding institutions. 

“It was interesting that construction was always my first love, with all its complexities and eccentricities. I have been involved in complex, long term projects in one way or the other in all my career life,” he says. 

When he last spoke to CFO South Africa, he was looking forward to spending time with his family and relaxing. When we caught up with after his recent appointment, he said: “I spent over a year doing a bit of consulting, accounting work and spending a fair amount of time with family and taking things a bit easy. I love golf, I did play a lot of golf and kept fairly fit.” 

After this, he says it was a challenge to step back into a full-time job, but he is now back in “the full swing of things”, with a position he wanted – one in the private sector. 

He says that there might be the opportunity to take on the CFO appointment permanently, or pursue a different role altogether. He says he has studied hard in the past, been in different roles and has been exposed to various aspects of business leadership. “It therefore stands to reason that by the time I retire, I should do so as a CEO.” 

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