Meroonisha Kerber stresses the importance of being community-minded


The Implats CFO urges people to lend a helping hand to the most vulnerable people in our society.

Last year forced people to come together as a society to help the most vulnerable. Implats CFO Meroonisha Kerber says that her top takeaway from the year was around understanding the interconnectedness of society and how we are influenced by others across the globe, as well as the importance of being community-minded and realising how much we can give up when required to safeguard oneself and one’s loved ones.

She explains that 2020 has also taught people to be resilient under extremely challenging circumstances. “The pandemic impacted every facet of our lives and forced us to prioritise what is most important,” she says.

Looking forward to 2021, Meroonisha says she and her husband are looking forward to their son, who turned one during lockdown, meeting his grandparents – who are in Germany – in person. “They were planning to be here in SA for his first birthday last year and had to cancel their trip due to the pandemic and travel restrictions. We are hoping that they might make it to South Africa for his second birthday.”

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Meroonisha’s personal goal for the new year is to get a better balance between work and her family life. “Working from home has resulted in the boundaries between work and personal life being blurred. It is only after reflecting over the holiday period that I realised that this needs to change.”

Going into the new year, she urges people to do their part, however small, to help the most vulnerable in our society. “The pandemic has resulted in so much poverty and suffering around us.”

She explains that organisations like Gift of the Givers can help people make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who are in desperate need.

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