Omnia announces resignation of CFO Wayne Koonin on 1 February


Wayne will be leaving the group on 31 March to pursue other interests.

The Omnia board announced the resignation of Wayne Koonin as the chief financial officer in a press release on Monday. 

His resignation, as of 1 February, was met with well wishes in his future endeavours from the board. They thanked Wayne for his contribution to the group. 

Wayne will be pursuing other interests and will leave the group on 31 March.

The process of appointing a suitable replacement is underway. 

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In an interview with CFO South Africa, he described the role of a CFO:

“As a CFO, you have to be able to differentiate yourself in the market and go beyond being a solid accountant. My career has been characterised by shorter stays in organisations, which involved doing a lot of things at a very complex level, particularly driving high risk turnarounds that draw on every ounce of your capability."

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Wayne was appointed group finance director of Omnia Holdings in 2014 after a diverse career path. He has extensive international experience at CFO and financial director level, having worked for various Canadian, British, Swiss and South African mining companies with listings on the AIM, ASX, JSE, NASDAQ and TSX exchanges. 

Wayne was nominated for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 CFO Awards and walked away with the Finance & Technology award in 2017. 

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