Optimi Group has appointed Rajan Padayachy as its new CFO


Rajan hopes to play a leading role in driving a culture of learning at Optimi Group as its new CFO.

Distance learning company Optimi Group has appointed Rajan Padayachy as its new CFO.

Rajan says that he is proud to be associated with a growing brand that is innovative and looking to create accessible learning solutions. “It’s refreshing to have the opportunity to work in an organisation that understands the value of resilient and well-structured support functions, and I’m hoping to play a leading role in driving a culture of learning and development within the group.”

His new role as CFO will see him responsible for areas such as finance, HR, legal and procurement. “My plan is to ensure that this ‘admin block’ of the organisation provides business support that is accessible and professional in order to allow the operational elements of the business to be driven by excellence and creativity,” Rajan says.

He further explains that the role will also involve implementing processes that maximise the use of capital and human resources so that the business is empowered to achieve and increase its operational potential. “I’ll also be looking to drive a culture that embraces free-thinking and high levels of energy.”

The company, which forms part of the PSG group, has seen an increase in demand for its online schooling services after the Covid-19 pandemic forced many children to learn from home.

Rajan comes from a family of educators and, in many ways, says he feels he has always been a part of the education industry. “I believe that my background and past experiences in multiple industries will serve me well in that it allows me to bring a different perspective to the business,” he adds.

He previously served as the CFO of Easigas and has extensive experience in sectors ranging from mining, agriculture, capital projects, manufacturing and more.“The role of the CFO ultimately does not change with the nature of the business. It will always be imperative that a CFO ensures robust governance, prudent management of finances and alignment of strategic objectives.”

Rajan attained his BCom honours at the University of Pretoria. He completed his articles at PwC.

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