Six leading CFOs share what they like to do in their downtime


Family time and sports: This is how top CFOs spend their time away from the desk.

CFO South Africa asked six top CFOs what they like to do in their downtime. This is how they responded: 

André du Plessis, Capitec 
André has a take-work-on-holiday approach which makes it possible for him to trek off for weeks while playing a leading role in the fast-growing bank, Capitec. 

“I like to ride my motorbike in different countries. Iceland is my 50th,” says André. “It opens my mind. I become more creative and forward-thinking.” 

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Matthias Vogt, Afrox
“I love cycling; it provides me with a strong feeling of freedom and it reloads the tank. I also read a lot and I play piano. My wife and I have two sons, twins, who are a year old. I think children give you purpose and peace.”

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Riaan Davel, DRDGOLD 
“I tend to have a bit less free time this time of year and what I do have, I try to spend with family. Over weekends I love watching sports. I also try do some running – I’m an early evening runner because I prefer to be at work fairly early in the morning.”

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Riaan Koppeschaar, Exxaro Resources
“I spend a lot of time with the family. I’ve got three school-going children, so I get involved with their school and extra-mural activities. We also like to travel and explore new things as a family. We like the bush but also more exotic destinations. From a fitness perspective I play a bit of golf here and there and cycle, although not competitively.”

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Philip Nottingham, Construction Chemicals
“I am not a big sports participant but am a big sports watcher! There’s not much sports-wise I will not watch! I am also a bit of a car nut – convertibles in particular (Johannesburg has the best convertible weather in the world, in my view). I currently have a 2017 Ford Mustang Convertible, a 2008 Mercedes SLK55 AMG, a 2006 Honda S2000 (Supercharged) and a 2011 Backdraft AC Cobra replica. I spend a fair amount of time looking for new acquisitions (limited by finances and parking space, unfortunately). I love animals and we have five dogs, two cats and whole lot of Koi!”

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Jonathan Murphy, Big Concerts 
“I’ve been married for six years to my wife, Monique, and we have a little boy Matthew, who’s two-and-a-half. I spend a lot of time with my family and the focus has definitely been on him. I have a very good work-life balance. I live within ten minutes’ walk to the office. So, I get an extra hour in the mornings and afternoons, and that extra time is invaluable. I’ve been very fortunate in that regard. When we get the chance, we travel.”

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