Starlite Aviation Group appoints Megan Segers as its new CFO


The group has also appointed three other women into top senior management positions.

Starlite Aviation Group has announced the appointment of four women in top senior management positions in the company, one of which is its new CFO, Megan Segers.

“My goals for the immediate future are to ensure that management and staff are well versed in the use of the latest reporting software to make ‘on the go’ decisions,” she says. “Aviation is a fast-paced environment that requires tailored dashboards to ensure all decisions enhance and align to our strategic goals.”

She adds that her objectives are to elevate compliance roles and to increase the empowerment of all staff, “so each and every person realises their importance in meeting the group’s goals”.

Megan joined the group in 2018 as financial controller and was responsible for establishing a centralised accounting team in the Mauritius office.

Starlite said in a statement that Megan’s “excellent leadership and problem-solving skills, combined with her fresh approach to reporting, has enhanced the business decision-making process and continues to add essential value to the growth of the company”.

The aviation group has also appointed Fiona McCarthy as business development director, Nicolle Paphotis as the accountable manager of the group’s operations, and Klara Fouché as the business development director for aircraft sales and services, and civilian training for Starlite Aviation Training Academy.

Newly appointed CEO Gareth Schnehage explained that Megan, Fiona, Klara and Nicolle were selected for their extensive experience and contribution to the advancements of the company. “It is expected that Starlite will reach new heights in the aviation industry and benefit from their drive and passion.”

He added that he is “incredibly fortunate to work and lead alongside each of these dynamic and talented individuals”.


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