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SA's massive loss

Several economies were hard-hit this week, SA losing over R8 billion according to the IIF.

Netflix CFO steps down

Despite having played a huge role in the company's expansion, CFO David Wells has resigned.

Sappi profit drops

A rise in capital expenditure pushed up depreciation costs while its share price dropped almost eight percent lower.

UCT launches new FinTech course

The University of Cape Town has launched a massive open online course examining the rise of FinTech companies, regulation and related technology.

Resist the urge to cut back in tough times

When times are tough, many companies and organisations instinctively want to tighten their belts - and this often means cutting down on executive training and marketing spend.

Finance Indaba 2018 Q&A: InvoTec's Cuan Hopley

Cuan Hopley is the chief operations officer at InvoTec - the parent company of two fintech solutions called InvoSet and Bizcash, both recently acquired by Investec. They have confirmed their partnership with the Finance Indaba 2018 for the third year running. Cuan talks to CFO magazine about the origin and growth of these companies, as well as what participating in the Finance Indaba means to the group.

Sars takes aim at Christo Wiese - reports

Billionaire businessman Christo Wiese has been caught up in a case in which Sars claims that a law firm at which he was an executive, ENS, helped multinational oil company Tullow shift about R3,9 billion in assets out of the country

Woolworths in the red

The impairment of its Australian department store chain David Jones means Woolworths will report a loss.

Netflix shares nosedive

The video-streaming service saw shares drop by 15 percent, after adding one million less users than predicted.