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09 October 2017

You know iXBRL is coming. There's no need to panic: Finance Indaba sneak peek 26

iXBRL was recently mandated by CIPC and you know there’s a more onerous compliance process on its way, but there’s no need to panic! With leading technology and service provider Ince, you're in safe hands. Ince will help your business navigate this changing landscape and offer your business the chance to be seen more favourably on a global stage by analysts and investors. If you're wondering how to get over the iXBRL hurdle, this is one Finance Indaba Africa session you must attend.

09 October 2017

Want to grow SA Inc? What every finance professional can do: Finance Indaba sneak peek 25

Shanduka Black Umbrelllas means change. It is a rally for action to mentor, partner and collaborate with black South African entrepreneurs, the key drivers to a new era of economic and social evolution. In this session, you will learn how business can incubate and drive small businesses through thoughtful and well designed processes that lead to economic success for both entities. You will hear from CFOs, small business owners and those who have implemented enterprise and supplier development models. If you're curious about how to grow SA Inc. don't miss this Finance Indaba Africa session!

06 October 2017

The core principles of successful financial models: Finance Indaba sneak peek 24

Financial models are a prerequisite to successfully identify risks, costs, opportunities and income streams. An Excel-based financial model helps you to become profitable in a continuously changing business atmosphere. 100 percent of CFOs agree that working without a sound financial model is close to impossible. A thorough understanding of these models makes your job easier, saves you time, and will bring prosperity to your business. In this hands-on masterclass, you will learn from the best financial modeling experts what you can do to generate valuable management insights – a must-have for every ambitious finance professional. Join this Goalfix session with CEO Colin Human at the Finance Indaba Africa and get ahead of the pack!

06 October 2017

Building a successful career in the public sector: Finance Indaba sneak peek 23

A career in finance is tough. A career in finance in the public sector is tougher! In this honest account of what it takes to build a successful career in the public sector, you’ll hear first-hand how exceptional finance professionals have thrived in some of the toughest circumstances. If you’re looking for inspiration or want perspective on your challenges, this is a Finance Indaba Africa session you cannot miss.

06 October 2017

Finance Indaba 2017: Wealth Migrate is opening up the global real estate market

"We launched our blockchain solution at the Finance Indaba last year and now we can build a cryptocurrency, this is the catalyst which will enable us to get it to the $1 investment, which we believe will help bridge the wealth gap," says Scott Picken, founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, a silver partner at the Finance Indaba Africa 2017 on 12 and 13 October 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

05 October 2017

Creating opportunities for small enterprises to enter the market and prosper: Finance Indaba sneak peek 22

Some 22 years ago, Bhekabantu Wilfred Ngubane started Ngubane and Co., a firm of auditors and chartered accountants, in Durban. Ngubane & Co has since grown to employ over 230 employees, and has a presence in six provinces. It is a typical example of the importance of entrepreneurship and successful SMEs. In this unique Finance Indaba Africa session, you’ll be exposed to ideas of how you, as big businesses and government, can deliberately and purposefully contribute to reducing unemployment in our country, by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to enter the market and help them to proper (sustainability).

05 October 2017

Re-imagining the Finance function: Finance Indaba sneak peek 21

In this Finance Indaba Africa session, Lee Naik, CEO at TransUnion Africa, will take a deeper look at how the finance function will look three to five years from now. Whether you’re an accountant in business or practice, winning will be about how finance will be able to deliver industrialised back-office value to businesses, while finding ways to enable the business’s growth agenda. Lee will provide practical advice on the new skills and ways of working that finance professionals will have to adopt to drive their business relevance.

05 October 2017

From stage-star to investar: Finance Indaba sneak peek 20

Before she knew a thing about investing or became the brand manager for EasyEquities, the only performance that concerned Carly Barnes was that which took place on a stage. Within a very short space of time, drawing on the knowledge of her peers and the EasyEquities community (or yousers as she calls them), her spotlight shifted onto the performance of markets, shares and her own capabilities as an investor. In this Finance Indaba Africa session, Carly shares how she grew to understand and create her own investment portfolio, and how a new age of EasyEquities investors inspired her with their stories and experiences - true testament to the idea that anyone can invest and claim a stake in their financial future.

04 October 2017

Nkonki is future-ready. Are you?

Black-owned auditing firm Nkonki has always been synonymous with trailblazing. Founded in 1993 by brother and sister Mzi Nkonki and Sindi Zilwa, the second black woman in South Africa to become a chartered accountant, Nkonki was born into the turmoil of pre-democratic South Africa and faced numerous challenges, including access to funding and intellectual capital. Under Sindi’s aggressive and stereotype-shattering leadership, Nkonki would soon become one of the largest black empowerment assurance and advisory firms and the only majority female-owned auditing firm in South Africa to be accredited by the JSE to audit listed companies.

04 October 2017

Reinventing your solutions - your business will depend on it: Finance Indaba sneak peek 19

Are you just a bean-counter or do you want to make a more meaningful contribution and solve real business challenges? In this thought-provoking session at Finance Indaba Africa, you will learn more about how one organisation is reinventing its customer solution without losing its core purpose. Join Khomotso Molabe, Executive & Head Digital Banking, Moonshots and e-Commerce at Standard Bank and Warren Bond (pictured), Executive at Purple,and learn how you can navigate your current infrastructure and legacy systems to successfully reinvent your solutions. If your business wants a future this session will offer you a perspective like no other.

04 October 2017

The entrepreneurial spirit - Lessons from the CFO: Finance Indaba sneak peek 18

Many finance professionals find themselves leading small and medium-sized companies alongside entrepreneurs. They develop a strong entrepreneurial focus themselves but also help organisations grow and change with better governance, structure and finance insights. This Finance Indaba Africa session unpacks that experience with Evan Tsatsarolakis Financial Director at Taste Holdings – no matter the size of your organisation the lessons in entrepreneurial spirit will bring new energy and fresh perspectives.

04 October 2017

Why pay tax when you could rather invest in FinTech? Finance Indaba sneak peek 17

In this thought-provoking Finance Indaba Africa session, Clive Butkow, CEO of Kalon Venture Partners, a section 12 J Venture Capital Company, will share his views on the growing FinTech sector and why it is reshaping the landscape for businesses and individuals alike. If you want a better sense of how FinTech is shaping your world and are just a little curious about how to create a better return on your hard-earned cash, be sure not to miss this session.

03 October 2017

Don't believe the data? Here's what you can do about it: Finance Indaba sneak peak 15

In a time when most businesses are using data and analytics to drive better decision-making, more than half the global leaders in a CEO survey said they didn't trust the data. While “data is the new oil/gold etc.”, more businesses are understanding that data quality and data governance are key to getting real, actionable insights. Is this your challenge? In this session, KPMG data and analytics leader Frank Rizzo shares his experience of how organisations are improving their data management processes and ensuring that complex algorithms are generating reliable insights around customer, workforce and supplier behaviour. If you want to optimise your data and analytics efforts in 2018, this Finance Indaba Africa session will provide ideas and solutions to consider in your business.

03 October 2017

Guerrilla tactics for personal development: Finance Indaba sneak peek 14

Boardroom sparring partner, author and global speaker Martijn Aslander offers us a fascinating view on how you can mobilise an endless amount of knowledge and benefit from resources and ideas in your network. All you need to do is ask and make smarter use of the tools that are at your disposal to get things done and learn. Martijn will illustrate via inspiring examples that learning smart and fast is a mindset. It will open your eyes to new possibilities at Finance Indaba Africa!

02 October 2017

The evolution of technology and compliance requirements: Finance Indaba sneak peek 12

Financial service providers, from banks to broker dealers to investment advisors, face complex requirements of an expanding global regulatory landscape. Non-compliance with the rules can be extremely costly and damaging. But how can we address the regulatory requirements without losing operational efficiencies? Dominic Suszek, President and CEO of Global RADAR, has over 30 years of experience in the global financial industry. He will share his vision and experiences from a global perspective; from epic failures in compliance to the impact of technology. What is the state of compliance globally? How can we build efficient compliance processes? Dominic will show you how many financial institutions have successfully deployed a new breed of compliance tools. Join this Finance Indaba Africa session, hosted by DocFox, and discover the critical components of an effective and efficient compliance programme.

02 October 2017

Innovative models to build a better future: Finance Indaba sneak peek 11

If you’re a financial or corporate professional, this talk will provide you with key insights on how large organisations use innovative and disruptive models to deliver what matters. The speaker, Jayshree Naidoo, is an innovation thought leader, the Head of the Standard Bank Incubator, the current CEO of Feenix She will take you through two specific models that Standard Bank has adopted to solve some of the most pressing challenges we face as a country. Don't miss her insights at Finance Indaba Africa!

02 October 2017

CFO SA's Graham Fehrsen: Five lessons for a better future

Through the course of a tumultuous 365 days since the launch of the inaugural and extremely successful Finance Indaba Africa, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn alongside finance leaders and exceptional professionals, and I’ve learnt some great lessons. While some are familiar cliches and almost all seem like common sense, in my experience, it’s the obvious and common-sense advice that is often the hardest to live by. Here are my top five.

29 September 2017

Does your internal audit create real value for business?: Finance Indaba sneak peek 10

Internal audit is an integral part of the governance processes within an organisation but is it providing real business value? They provide the ears, eyes and the internal evaluation of organisational activities to both the organisation executive and governing bodies. With great technology, internal audit has the opportunity to be more than checks and balances, though it will have to partner effectively. If you want to improve the business value of your internal audit, this session with Charles Nel, Head of Technical at IIA SA, will offer insights and practical steps to achieving a next level internal audit. Don't miss out at this year's Finance Indaba Africa.

29 September 2017

Building a better future for our country, from the ground up: Finance Indaba sneak peek 9

Our country needs more than new leaders. We need new ideas, and we need to each engage not just in debating but in doing. A career in elite-level policy circles taught Grassroot's Luke Jordan that change has to start from the grassroots up, and so he gave up the corridors of power for the streets. Join us at Finance Indaba Africa as we explore what he's learnt, and to debate what finance professionals can do to change our country's trajectory.

29 September 2017

Finance Indaba 2017: Hyphen balances payment streams with a single tech stack

"Hyphen will show Finance Executives how to balance payment streams with a single technology stack, whilst enhancing reconciliation and treasury reporting – ultimately translating into optimised cashflow and cashflow reporting for Finance and Treasury teams," says Gillian Stumke, Head: Business Development of Hyphen Technology, a silver partner at the Finance Indaba Africa 2017 on 12 and 13 October 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

29 September 2017

In-house banking - Cost-effective and easy to implement: Finance Indaba sneak peek 8

What are the potential benefits of implementing an in-house bank? Many companies have discovered that in-house banking can lead to substantially lower funding costs, more control, and more effective cash management. In this hands-on Masterclass, Treasury Technologies' Rudolph Janse Van Rensburg will explain what steps your business can take to become its own bank. Join this session at Finance Indaba Africa and discover what the building blocks are and how finance can develop the internal bank of the business.

28 September 2017

No glass ceiling - Success my way: Finance Indaba sneak peek 7

It’s a man’s world but many women in South Africa have shown that with the right approach, a huge amount of tenacity and some good luck, there are no glass ceilings - just opportunity. Join this Finance Indaba Africa session if you want to know how great women leaders are shaping business. Learn from Nonkululeko Gobodo (CEO at Gobodo Incorporated), Mary Vilakazi (Deputy CEO at MMI Holdings) and Debbie Ransby (pictured, Finance Director South Africa and Algeria at Takeda) and be inspired.

28 September 2017

The future of South Africa beyond transformation: Finance Indaba sneak peek 6

What will South Africa look like beyond transformation? How can finance professionals help shape this? Is this even remotely feasible and how will we reach a place where socio-economic initiatives are aimed at every citizen? In this thought-provoking address at the Finance Indaba Africa, global speaker and venture capitalist Vusi Thembekwayo will ask the most pressing questions about how we will lift ourselves out of the inequality gutter and build a better future for all the people of South Africa.

27 September 2017

Put your money where your mouth is - Africa's best investment destinations

Rand Merchant Bank’s (RMB) recently released ‘Where to Invest in Africa 2018’ report reveals interesting changes in its ratings of the continent’s most attractive investment destinations. Not only have Nigeria and Algeria dropped out of the top 10 (moving to positions 13 and 15 respectively), South Africa has surrendered its first place position to Egypt, now Africa’s most attractive investment destination.

27 September 2017

Take the mundane away from your finance team to increase focus, says ThisIsMe's David Thomas

As custodians of accountability, CFOs are under pressure to balance agility with watertight compliance, within an increasing number of regulations. Disruptive digital solutions can help businesses avoid fines and fine-tune compliance, while also improving service levels and the bottom line. They can do this by by onboarding customers more quickly and easily, as well as cheaper, than ever before, says David Thomas, co-founder and Head of Product at ThisIsme, the fast-growing Cape Town-based disruptive startup that helps businesses to reduce fraud, automate KYC, improve on-boarding and increase revenue while providing an on-demand, seamless customer experience.

27 September 2017

The DocFox Story: From a Joburg loft to Silicon Valley: Finance Indaba sneak peek 5

DocFox is on a global mission to end money laundering and bring financial services to everyone. It has been an exciting journey for this company, from humble beginnings in a loft with three people, to building a global web application endorsed by Norton Rose Fulbright and funded and lead by the best minds in Silicon Valley. This presentation will share the incredible journey of this startup and explore the way in which it is ending money laundering, and delve into how it is partnering with clients locally and abroad to leverage the latest in technology to change how financial institutions operate. A discussion will also take place sharing the latest trends in FinTech and how institutions are leveraging technology globally to thrive.

27 September 2017

Re-imagining your financial supply chain: Finance Indaba sneak peek 4

We live in a digital era and are surrounded by smart technology. Today, we are able to unlock and utilise assets like never before. However, the financial supply chain - the way in which you pay and get paid - has been neglected for years. Most AP processes are manually executed, the use of alternative financing is poor, and the connectivity between all parties involved is limited. If you think of the financial supply chain as a liability rather than an asset, you are missing a huge opportunity. The real innovators have already worked out how to cash in. Are you next? Join the Intellection & Taulia session with Christo Jacobs (CEO at Intellection, pictured) and Sebastian Chilvers (European Sales Director at Taulia Inc) at the Finance Indaba Africa and discover a new way of dynamic payments underpinned by invoice automation. Learn how you can benefit from flexible financing and predictive intelligence in your financial supply chain.

27 September 2017

Build a better future for your business: Finance Indaba sneak peek 3

Do you want maximum business performance? Are you looking for a unique competitive advantage? Look under the hood and you’ll find your employee culture – it is the power that drives the enterprise engine. This keynote will show you how to gain the maximum commitment to your own culture for any strategy, goal or standard. Don't miss New York Times bestselling author and corporate culture guru, Stan Slap, who has achieved legendary impact for many of the world’s most successful organisations, at this year's Finance Indaba Africa, hosted by ClarkHouse.

26 September 2017

The easy way to benefit from the digital age: Finance Indaba sneak peek 2

What if you could implement the best financial systems and technology enhancements? What if you could drastically improve every step of the accounting process? In this Finance Indaba Africa master class, AdvanceNet Group will show you how it is done. Using practical examples, the smart tools that are available today will be discussed and demonstrated, and an explanation of how to easily implement the latest technology without having to manage a complex IT project will be given. Learn how to strengthen controls, lower compliance risks and introduce greater efficiencies and visibility. Don't miss out on hearing how your finance team can enjoy the benefits of the digital age.

25 September 2017

Create a broader environment to drive innovation, says CIB's Anré Klopper-Stroh

“Our role within Human Capital is to be the custodians of culture and strategically partner the people agenda that enables our business strategy,” says Anré Klopper-Stroh, Human Capital Head for the Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB) within the Standard Bank Group. “The role of the Human Capital team within CIB is to partner our people in, for and across Africa to realise their ambitions, thus enabling our clients and the communities in which we operate to achieve their objectives. Furthermore, we need to position ourselves for what the future holds by understanding the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets required for our people to stay relevant and contribute to the ambitions of the business into the future.”

22 September 2017

Accountability in times of #Guptaleaks: Finance Indaba sneak peek 1

With ongoing revelations pointing to accountability failures at big international firms like KPMG, McKinsey and SAP, there is a desperate need for changes to our corporate mindsets and actions. Values based approaches to leadership and organisational development are powerful tools for minimising instances and impacts of unethical commercial behaviour. In this highly practical Finance Indaba Africa session with leading academic Dr Tim London, you'll hear more about the ways you can drive values based leadership throughout your organisation and encourage the behaviours that help your organisation thrive in complex times.

20 September 2017

CFOs have a huge role to play in driving internal and external automation - CFO Summit 5

Business automation and robotic process automation (RPA) is no longer an experiment and will move ahead at a rate of knots in the years to come. Those companies that do not come onboard with automation processes will find themselves on an uneven footing with their competitors and will be unable to attract and develop top talent. At the same time, finance departments and executives have struggled to get a handle on it. How much efficiency and performance can you derive from automation and what skills are needed to take the next step?

19 September 2017

Electrum joins Gartner innovation programme

Payments provider Electrum, has been selected to participate in the Gartner Aspiring Innovators Programme, which aims to highlight innovative providers of enterprise technology to attendees of the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Africa 2017, which is being held in Cape Town from 18 to 21 September 2017. The audience includes over 1 000 CIOs and senior IT executives from Africa and around the world who are actively looking for new partners and solutions.

19 September 2017

Ensure the rationale behind an acquisition is sound, advises Telkom's Deon Fredericks

The industry in which Telkom operates is competitive; the environment fluid and prone to frequent change, says Deon Fredericks, the company’s group chief financial officer. Because of this, it considered BCX (then known as Business Connexion) twice, the smaller company first catching the eye of the telecoms behemoth in 2006/2007, and then again in 2012/2013. Eventually, the deal proved too good to be ignored: Telkom required an ICT company to provide end-to-end solutions to corporate customers and BCX was a complementary fit. Deon sat down with CFO South Africa to talk about the acquisition – a deal with a R2.7 billion price tag. “We are very focused on what we want to achieve with BCX in the market. We are starting to see some good wins through the venture.”

18 September 2017

In-house banking now within reach: Treasury Technologies CEO Rudolph Janse van Rensburg explains

An in-house bank may be simply defined as an internal organisation which assumes some of the functions traditionally performed by external commercial banks to provide enhanced performance, transparency and control. Traditionally, the operation of an in-house bank was regarded by most finance executives to be the preserve of the largest corporations. Despite the many benefits, these structures were thought to be too expensive and complicated to add cost effective value. As more efficient cloud solutions become available, the threshold barriers for justifying in-house bank adoption have been steadily lowered, and positive cost/benefit analyses are becoming more and more common.

14 September 2017

Diverse staff and AI shaping workplace of the future - Deloitte

The future of work holds a myriad of possibilities for change that business needs to adapt to. In order to do so, we need to understand the interconnections between evolving technology, the demographics at play and what power dynamics are emerging as a result. The future of work is being shaped by two powerful forces, the first being the growing adoption of artificial intelligence in the workplace and the second, expansion of the workforce to include both on- and off-balance-sheet talent.

13 September 2017

Clover dragged down by drought, weak rand

JSE-listed South African dairy and foods group Clover has announced a poor set of results brought on by a severe drought and a volatile local currency. Annual earnings fell 66% and diluted headline earnings per share fell to 63.2 cents per share for the year ended 30 June 2017, compared with 184.7 cents per share for the same period last year. In addition, Clover said it would not declare a final dividend due to the weak economic conditions and funding requirements.

13 September 2017

Finance Indaba 2017: IIA SA creates value for business

"Internal auditors are an integral part of the governance processes within an organisation. They provide the ears, eyes and the internal evaluation of organisational activities to both the organisation executive and governing bodies," says Dr Claudelle von Eck, CEO of the Institute of Internal Auditors SA (IIA SA), a silver partner at the Finance Indaba Africa 2017 on 12 and 13 October 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

11 September 2017

Auditor independence under the spotlight

“Professional skepticism is about auditing the time, mindset, attitude and related questions about how management has scouted the transactions and applied judgments and assessments within disclosures in the financial statements as well,” says Ken Siong, technical director of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA). “It’s very critical [to have professional skepticism] to enable auditors to get to the bottom of issues to make sure they can be confident and evaluate critical issues, and whether those issues have been accounted for and presented in financial statements.”

11 September 2017

Africa is a great source of growth, says Standard Bank CIB's Victor Williams

As the head of Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) for Africa at Standard Bank, Victor Williams is responsible for corporate and investment banking in the 19 countries – excluding South Africa – that comprise the Africa Regions. He says the bank serves corporate, sovereign and institutional clients (local corporates and multinationals) in those markets, providing them with global markets, transactional banking and investment banking services. “In each of the markets in which we are present we are looking to build the leading corporate and investment banking franchise in that market,” he says.

08 September 2017

Finance Indaba 2017: Explore hidden data relationships with South Africa Qlik Master Reseller

"We are passionate about customers achieving real value from the use of Data Analytics and I believe the best way to support this is through sharing experiences and customer stories," says Simon Kirby, Director of Financial Services Industry Solutions at Qlik. South Africa Qlik Master Reseller is a gold partner at the Finance Indaba Africa 2017 on 12 and 13 October 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

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